What is an adult coloring book?

Adult coloring books are not just a trend given how famous they are on Amazon and other online stores and traditional bookstores. Coloring books have gained some truly amazing level of recognition even in the medical and business world; yes, some organizations have been known to encourage their staff to doodle during breaks or on the weekends or other leisure or less fast-paced periods. Some companies now even produce promotional adult coloring books which have been shown to boost customer morale and ultimately, profit margin.

Coloring books for adults have been shown to serve different uses from recreation, to medical. Some have even gone so far as to describe it as an alternate form of meditation with a relaxing effect on the same level as yoga, meditation, and so on. Most people are of the view that they have pacifying and calming effects; yeah kinda like listening to the natural rhythm of the waves crashing beneath a window on some castle set on rocks beside the sea. Adult coloring books have also been known to awaken latent or hitherto unrecognized painting passions in people; and yes, it is as much of an art as say, sculpting.

Adult coloring books often depart from the usual childish cartoon characters and animals one would expect to find in children’s coloring books. Adult coloring books usually contain images like trees, flowers, leaves, gardens, insects, psychedelic patterns, mandalas, celtic designs, cities and buildings, landscapes, and so on. Some of them even cover particular artistic periods or styles. Now I don’t know about you, but putting my own colours on line art tailor after one of the Rembrandt or Monet paintings is far from a calming prospect, it’s exciting.

Coloring books are even more useful than most people realize and even though the trend is only just coming on the rise, they have been around for far longer than you think; albeit with different names. Some fashion designers have been known to use adult coloring books to teach the art of color mixing to their students and workers. Some companies use coloring books to get a feel for the preferred colors and styles for their products, designs, furniture, etc before actual production. Some doctor’s waiting rooms even have coloring books and pens resting on the coffee table.

Coloring books are apparently bringing people together in more ways than one with coloring book clubs showing up as easily as the usual gardening clubs, reading clubs, etc. yeah just in case you didn’t know, August 2nd has been proclaimed “National Adult Coloring Day” by a major adult coloring book publisher.

The trend has grown so greatly that even the Huffington Post once noted that “Currently, six of the top selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books.”

Coloring books have received rave reviews with users describing them as everything from imaginative, to relaxing, to immersing, to entertaining, to mesmerizing.

No big surprise there. Our world is fast-paced and getting faster by the second with stress climbing to almost unbearable levels in the adult world. Adult coloring books provide a ready and healthy means of getting rid of some of those stressors. It’s often like being handed a blank canvas so it’s no real surprise when it explodes creativity is it?

Adult coloring books are currently sold by several publishers online and in traditional bookstores and these publishers tend to make these books as affordable and available as possible. Some coloring books come in a kit complete with crayons, sharpeners, markers, colored pencils and so on. Some others come separately as just the books themselves and then you can pick up the painting supplies separately as well. It’s all a matter of personal choice really.
Adult coloring is an art in itself and believe or not, the trend is here to stay.