Benefits of Adult Coloring

Adult coloring has immense and varied benefits. Apart from the fact that it is a natural de-stressor, it is generally thought to have therapeutic effects, kinda like a good, healing massage.

1. Relaxation and entertainment
Adult coloring is a great source of relaxation and has been known to help several people living with insomnia or just plain dealing with jangled nerves.

The primary reason for their being is actually to help adults engage in healthy soothing activities that help cope better with the stress of day-to-day living. Everyone from the busy executive to the mom staying home with the screaming kids and household chores, need some downtime. It keeps you from flipping out down the line and having a horrible breakdown.

Adult coloring books do not necessarily require mental concentration and focus so you can happily indulge in them and unwind in the process.

2. Connects you with your kids
Adult coloring books also help people connect with their children, communicate with them and encourage or help them with their homework. It creates a kind of bond between you and your kids creating room for more practical parenting that tilts towards “do as I do” not “do as I say”.

Now even if you do not have kids, coloring creates pleasurable memories reminiscent of childhood drawings and helps you get in touch with your inner self.

Besides most adult coloring books require pen and paper which is like a welcome return to the basics. No one needs to spend all their lives glued to some keyboard in a high-rise office somewhere. Every now and then, it’s alright to doodle or just color on paper with a pen or colored pencil.

be creative adult coloring

3. Connects you with other people
Adult coloring clubs are quickly becoming a dime a dozen so moving to a new city or just plain wanting to make new friends is not such a hurdle anymore. If you join one of these clubs, you will be sure to find tons of wonderful people with similar interests and passions.

You don’t even have to join a club to meet new people; most coloring websites and publishers have an amazing following on social media. Just look them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media and voila, instant new connections.

4. Boosts the health.
Now arguments have gone left and right that coloring books are therapeutic and some claim they are not. In truth though, using coloring books helps people relax to the point that they sometimes slip into meditations which are unarguably therapeutic. Aside from that, coloring allows the mind to wander and tap into its own creativity.

Don’t underrate the effect stress has on a lot of lives. It causes everything from depression to suicidal thoughts. Coloring is a great way to ease it up because colors themselves carry therapeutic effects. Colors like blue, purple and green generally have calming effects. Whereas colors like red, orange and yellow generally brighten a person’s mood. They are energizing and you should probably save them for when you are feeling down and not when you are so excited you’re bouncing off the walls.

Despite how much we are loathe to admit it, sometimes we are so busy we hardly have time to hear ourselves think! Coloring gives you room to free your mind to actually come up with something potentially good for you.

5. Fuels creativity
Between adulthood and childhood, a lot of people lose their connection to creativity with the demands of getting jobs and moving houses, dating and marrying and having kids. A nine-to-five career doesn’t give much adults time to dabble in childhood passions like painting, drawing and all of that. Coloring may be just the ticket to unlock your creativity and give you the courage to go after what is probably hidden deep in your heart.

Some artists whether writers, sculptors, or painters often experience a creative block at some point down the line of their professional careers. Coloring is a great way to unlock your creativity and climb over a wall whilst enjoying yourself.

Creativity is its own feel-good drug and makes you instantly feel better about yourself and everything around you. So don’t knock adult coloring.