• Benefits of Coloring in Mandala Designs

    Mandala designs are as old as some religions especially in India but they are especially worth a lot in adult coloring.

    Mandalas exhibit radial balance and are seen as an aid to mediation, tantrum and even for focusing attention.

    However, mandalas are diagrams or charts that represent the universe metaphysically or symbolically.

    Mandalas are simply described as sacred circles and they tend to reoccur a lot in natural existence. Come on everything from the sun, the moon, the human body cells, and even the good old snowflake often take this round-shaped figure. Mandalas are a circular point from which all things are possible and form which emanate limitless possibilities and unlimited potential.

    Mandala colouring pages are an expression of a desire for wellness and healing. They open up the subconscious by their very design and tap into creativity and individual potential.

    Madalas coloring books have been known to balance the mind, body and spirit and forge spiritual connections. They also increase self-awareness and encourage self-expression. And let’s not forget the fact that they are just as fun and relaxing entertaining as any other coloring book.

    Some psychiatrists and psychologists have been known to offer these to patients during sessions to help them relax and make it easier for them to talk. It is an easy way to bring about transformational changes in one’s life.

    It stimulates areas of the brain related to motor skills and creativity and even the use of the five senses. According to psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala, coloring activates two different areas of the brain’s hemispeheres. She goes further to state that:

    “The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements]. The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.”

    Focusing on a particular activity and not worries or stress definitely relaxes the mind plus the added effect of coloring taking us back to that less stressful time in a person’s life known as childhood.

    Coloring also helps you connect with how you feel as it’s no secret that the colors you chose often vary depending on your mood at the time. There are no huge demands for perfection in adult coloring which tends to make people approach coloring with a rightly more relaxed mien rather than a rigid expectation of perfection in what is after all meant to be relaxing and pleasurable. Get this, coloring is meant to be play and not work, so don’t blur the lines.

    Adult coloring books with Mandala designs are a great way to work with Mandalas and the effect is amazing.

  • Benefits of Adult Coloring

    Adult coloring has immense and varied benefits. Apart from the fact that it is a natural de-stressor, it is generally thought to have therapeutic effects, kinda like a good, healing massage.

    1. Relaxation and entertainment
    Adult coloring is a great source of relaxation and has been known to help several people living with insomnia or just plain dealing with jangled nerves.

    The primary reason for their being is actually to help adults engage in healthy soothing activities that help cope better with the stress of day-to-day living. Everyone from the busy executive to the mom staying home with the screaming kids and household chores, need some downtime. It keeps you from flipping out down the line and having a horrible breakdown.

    Adult coloring books do not necessarily require mental concentration and focus so you can happily indulge in them and unwind in the process.

    2. Connects you with your kids
    Adult coloring books also help people connect with their children, communicate with them and encourage or help them with their homework. It creates a kind of bond between you and your kids creating room for more practical parenting that tilts towards “do as I do” not “do as I say”.

    Now even if you do not have kids, coloring creates pleasurable memories reminiscent of childhood drawings and helps you get in touch with your inner self.

    Besides most adult coloring books require pen and paper which is like a welcome return to the basics. No one needs to spend all their lives glued to some keyboard in a high-rise office somewhere. Every now and then, it’s alright to doodle or just color on paper with a pen or colored pencil.

    be creative adult coloring

    3. Connects you with other people
    Adult coloring clubs are quickly becoming a dime a dozen so moving to a new city or just plain wanting to make new friends is not such a hurdle anymore. If you join one of these clubs, you will be sure to find tons of wonderful people with similar interests and passions.

    You don’t even have to join a club to meet new people; most coloring websites and publishers have an amazing following on social media. Just look them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media and voila, instant new connections.

    4. Boosts the health.
    Now arguments have gone left and right that coloring books are therapeutic and some claim they are not. In truth though, using coloring books helps people relax to the point that they sometimes slip into meditations which are unarguably therapeutic. Aside from that, coloring allows the mind to wander and tap into its own creativity.

    Don’t underrate the effect stress has on a lot of lives. It causes everything from depression to suicidal thoughts. Coloring is a great way to ease it up because colors themselves carry therapeutic effects. Colors like blue, purple and green generally have calming effects. Whereas colors like red, orange and yellow generally brighten a person’s mood. They are energizing and you should probably save them for when you are feeling down and not when you are so excited you’re bouncing off the walls.

    Despite how much we are loathe to admit it, sometimes we are so busy we hardly have time to hear ourselves think! Coloring gives you room to free your mind to actually come up with something potentially good for you.

    5. Fuels creativity
    Between adulthood and childhood, a lot of people lose their connection to creativity with the demands of getting jobs and moving houses, dating and marrying and having kids. A nine-to-five career doesn’t give much adults time to dabble in childhood passions like painting, drawing and all of that. Coloring may be just the ticket to unlock your creativity and give you the courage to go after what is probably hidden deep in your heart.

    Some artists whether writers, sculptors, or painters often experience a creative block at some point down the line of their professional careers. Coloring is a great way to unlock your creativity and climb over a wall whilst enjoying yourself.

    Creativity is its own feel-good drug and makes you instantly feel better about yourself and everything around you. So don’t knock adult coloring.

  • Methods to Coloring

    Believe it or not, for most adults, coloring is a venture they have not engaged in for a lifetime and I mean that literally. Some adults have not colored for 20 years, 30 years or even 70 years so the methods to coloring may be somewhat hazy. And even if you have had marker to paper since childhood till date, a little more guidance never hurt anyone.

    So here are some methods to help you on your way.

    1. Take your time:
    Coloring is an art and the first rule of thumb is that you never rush art. So you don’t want to get into coloring standing in line at the train station or queuing at the bank. Coloring should give you something you enjoy that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you are going to dabble in it, there really is no call for you to not enjoy yourself every step of the way, right up until you see the finished product. You may decide to colour just to feel your hands working on something, but that does not necessarily mean you should not love the end result so if it’s worth doing, just relax and produce something pleasing to your eyes.

    At this point, I should probably state that if you are a perfectionist, coloring is a good way for you to learn to give yourself a break. You don’t have to turn out paintings worthy of Michelangelo, so relax and know that no one is looking over your shoulder.

    2. Go with rainbow colors
    No matter how ordinarily staid and given to boring colors you may be, we could all do with some colour in our lives. The myriad of colors offered by different coloring kits are actually wonderful. Adults could even find they learn color coordination better from coloring which in turn helps them dress for work or functions, organize their living environments, and even make bigger decisions like what color to paint their living rooms.

    When it comes to adult coloring, the brighter the better is what I say. Just pick colours in every shade under the sun and let your creativity explode on paper. Besides, those cheerful colours send their own wonderful signals to your brain and relax you even more. Come on, everyone loves the rainbow.

    3. It’s all in techniques
    You don’t want to press too hard when you’re coloring to avoiding breaking the tip of your pencil, or going through your paper. Sometimes, it’s all about how well-sharpened or dulled your pencil tip is. Of course it goes without saying that since adult colouring books tend to have intricate designs like mandalas, you want to use sharper tips rather than blunt tips.

    4. Be spontaneous
    Don’t over-think and agonize to death over this; just go with your instincts; trust me, you can’t go wrong. Sometimes it’s okay to just paint mindlessly without any thought to color or coordination especially if you are working through something as you paint like a fight with a co-worker or something. This kind of aimless activity often drains the mind of negative energy. You could just decide to toss all learned methods out the window and go with whatever feels good. Nothing taps the creativity and unburdens the mind faster, in my view. Often, the colors and pattern you pick have something to do with your mood and when you’ve gotten it all out, you will find there was an underlying method to your ‘madness’ after all. So go ahead, pick a colour, any color and just colour. Have you ever watched kids color? They could paint a human being a bright pink all over. They are not concerned with the true nature or colour of whatever they have to colour. Sometimes, I personally think they have the right idea so just put crayon to paper and paint to your heart’s content.

    5. Pick your spot
    It’s not brain surgery; coloring would hardly be relaxing if you do it in a less than relaxing atmosphere. Some choose to sprawl in front of the television, some on a long flight, some in bed. It’s up to you and your comfort zone. Some people profess to enjoying coloring especially of floral patterns when they are sitting in their gardens or in a spot overlooking their gardens. I suppose the coloring in this instance often takes on a life of its own and actively involves all the senses of smell, sight, feel, etc.

    Some people love to color with background music playing softly in the background, lending credence to the argument for the relaxing and health-improving nature of adult colouring.

    6. Gather your materials
    The materials people use also differ. In some countries like Taiwan for instance, the more traditional coloring books are often thicker to make up for the fact that the color markers are often wet and would ordinarily seep through thin paper and probably stain other pages. Some other persons would prefer to use dry crayons or markers in which case, thin coloring papers would be alright. Again, it all boils down to personal preference. Some coloring books can be purchased online and printed out onto whatever paper type you may prefer; although of course kindle does not necessarily allow printing so most people color on the screens using color palettes.

    Most experts advocate the use of colored pencils rather than Crayolas because adult coloring books often come with tiny, intricate patterns that may be somewhat hard to reach properly with bigger-tipped pens/pencils. Also, pen markers with alcohol tend to go through paper so crayons are a better bet if your papers are thin.

    Go for coloured pencils that are smooth, blend-able and vivid. Gel pens are also great so long as you get a good brand and they are so easy on the hands, coloring effectively without stressing you to press down.

    When it comes to coloring, there is no one set method, but the truth remains that a collection of habits make the experience better.

    For starters, never go for inferior materials just because they are cheaper. At the same time, price does not guarantee quality. So often, it’s best to go for materials that fit your personal tastes and demands and also give you quality and color coordination. You don’t really want something so harsh and busy on the eyes now do you? I mean you want to be able to look at your coloring somewhere down the line and smile.

    For novices, adult colouring is just about enjoyment but when you have decided to take it up as more than just a passing fancy, it does not hurt to try your hand at colour coordination, adding shading between contrasting colors, placing a point of light (often a paler colour) somewhere within the drawing, and so many others.

    You can also find video tutorials on adult colouring on some websites which may help you have a better idea of what method you want to employ.

  • What is an adult coloring book?

    Adult coloring books are not just a trend given how famous they are on Amazon and other online stores and traditional bookstores. Coloring books have gained some truly amazing level of recognition even in the medical and business world; yes, some organizations have been known to encourage their staff to doodle during breaks or on the weekends or other leisure or less fast-paced periods. Some companies now even produce promotional adult coloring books which have been shown to boost customer morale and ultimately, profit margin.

    Coloring books for adults have been shown to serve different uses from recreation, to medical. Some have even gone so far as to describe it as an alternate form of meditation with a relaxing effect on the same level as yoga, meditation, and so on. Most people are of the view that they have pacifying and calming effects; yeah kinda like listening to the natural rhythm of the waves crashing beneath a window on some castle set on rocks beside the sea. Adult coloring books have also been known to awaken latent or hitherto unrecognized painting passions in people; and yes, it is as much of an art as say, sculpting.

    Adult coloring books often depart from the usual childish cartoon characters and animals one would expect to find in children’s coloring books. Adult coloring books usually contain images like trees, flowers, leaves, gardens, insects, psychedelic patterns, mandalas, celtic designs, cities and buildings, landscapes, and so on. Some of them even cover particular artistic periods or styles. Now I don’t know about you, but putting my own colours on line art tailor after one of the Rembrandt or Monet paintings is far from a calming prospect, it’s exciting.

    Coloring books are even more useful than most people realize and even though the trend is only just coming on the rise, they have been around for far longer than you think; albeit with different names. Some fashion designers have been known to use adult coloring books to teach the art of color mixing to their students and workers. Some companies use coloring books to get a feel for the preferred colors and styles for their products, designs, furniture, etc before actual production. Some doctor’s waiting rooms even have coloring books and pens resting on the coffee table.

    Coloring books are apparently bringing people together in more ways than one with coloring book clubs showing up as easily as the usual gardening clubs, reading clubs, etc. yeah just in case you didn’t know, August 2nd has been proclaimed “National Adult Coloring Day” by a major adult coloring book publisher.

    The trend has grown so greatly that even the Huffington Post once noted that “Currently, six of the top selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books.”

    Coloring books have received rave reviews with users describing them as everything from imaginative, to relaxing, to immersing, to entertaining, to mesmerizing.

    No big surprise there. Our world is fast-paced and getting faster by the second with stress climbing to almost unbearable levels in the adult world. Adult coloring books provide a ready and healthy means of getting rid of some of those stressors. It’s often like being handed a blank canvas so it’s no real surprise when it explodes creativity is it?

    Adult coloring books are currently sold by several publishers online and in traditional bookstores and these publishers tend to make these books as affordable and available as possible. Some coloring books come in a kit complete with crayons, sharpeners, markers, colored pencils and so on. Some others come separately as just the books themselves and then you can pick up the painting supplies separately as well. It’s all a matter of personal choice really.
    Adult coloring is an art in itself and believe or not, the trend is here to stay.